The Elevation of Italian Sons and Daughters of America (ISDA). 2023: A Year in Review

Jan 01, 2024 920

ISDA Financial Life total member assets have eclipsed $381M, with millions more on the way from the fourth quarter of 2023. ISDA National President Basil M. Russo, National Controller Joann Blackwell, Sales Manager Jim Laick and ISDA Investment Manager Nick DePersis (along with Nick’s father, Ed) have elevated ISDA to a world-class organization, which has posted a remarkable 533% spike in member asset growth from 2015 through Q3 of 2023.

No other major Italian American organization comes close to our earnings, membership gains and online following. In the last year alone, ISDA lodges have sprung up in Charlotte, Pensacola, Toronto, Louisiana and Arkansas, with two more coming together in Los Angeles and Cleveland’s Little Italy. With its founding traditions and 21st-century platforms, ISDA has positioned itself as a leader in deepening the value and impact of the Italian American experience.

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