Embrace the Italian in you: 5 things to do and feel more Italian than ever!

Jun 11, 2019 308


To be honest with you, I think Italians and Americans have plenty of things in common: big hearts and lovely smiles, to begin with, but  also an immense sense of hospitality and the ability to transform a guest into a member of the family in a matter of hours. Within the first day of being at one of my best friends’ family home, in New York, for the first time, I had become her mother’s “Italian daughter.” She still calls me so, 10 years later.   Americans and Italians understand each other well, too, in part also thanks to the beautiful and lively presence of the Italian-American community, of which L’Italo Americano has been a proud voice for more than 110 years.  

But we both  have peculiar quirks and habits that make us special, and thank god for them! Otherwise it’d be a pretty boring world indeed, when you think about it… For example, Americans tend to have a much better awareness of their history and  their cultural heritage than we have in Italy, and a much greater interest in their own personal family history.  Yes, I wish we Italians were a bit more American in these things.  

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SOURCE: https://italoamericano.org

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