Emporia's Fo Sho Italian Sports Bar & Grille

Feb 26, 2021 223

BY: Mark Mathews

It has been nearly a year since COVID-19 changed the livelihoods of the Emporia-Greensville community. No businesses were forced to face more obstacles than dining establishments. Many restaurant businesses, including some in Emporia-Greensville, didn’t survive the ramifications of the pandemic. Fo Sho Italian Sports Bar & Grille is one of the fortunate dining sites still up and running.

“I give a lot of credit to my wife Angie, who runs this place,” Hermie Sadler said. "She and our staff have adapted and dealt with whatever issues we’ve had to deal with. We’ve done the best we can to try and provide a place for people that want to come out and have a meal. We’re trying to create some kind of normalcy because there is not a lot of that going on right now.”

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SOURCE: https://www.emporiaindependentmessenger.com/

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