Enzo’s NY Pizzeria serves flavors of authentic Italian food

Jul 11, 2018 264

Before Enzo Sejdini began forming the concept of what would become Enzo’s NY Pizzeria in Flower Mound, he was busy learning his craft at Gelatoria Lucica, a gelato and pizza shop on the coast of Croatia. Originally started by his grandfather after he moved from southern Italy, and now operated by his uncles, Gelatoria Lucica set the precedent for what would become a family trade, Sejdini said.

“My family has been in the pizza industry pretty much our entire lives,” Sejdini said. “My grandfather opened the first shop 74 years ago, so I pretty much grew up in a pizza place.” And with his experience at his grandfather’s shop in Europe as well as his father’s ties to Brooklyn there was only one style of pizza for Enzo’s NY pizzeria to serve: hand-tossed and thin crust.

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SOURCE: https://communityimpact.com/

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