The Essence of Italy: What Makes Italy Unique

Mar 12, 2019 136

BY: Myra Robinson

More people than ever before are exploring the world in search of the undiscovered, the new, the ultimate experience. All too often, though, you can travel thousands of miles only to find a kind of bland familiarity. But Italy is different. Italy has individuality. I set myself the task of trying to define exactly what makes Italy unique.

Imagine being parachuted blindfold into an Italian piazza. How would you instinctively know you were in Italy? Being blind, you’d have to rely on the sounds and the smells around you. It would be impossible in a piazza anywhere in Italy not to hear the clattering of coffee cups, the hiss of an espresso machine and the constant slam dunk banging to empty the dregs. Perhaps you would also hear a bit of Mozart wafting through the air from a busker, and probably not too far away, the siren of a police car.

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