Exhibit by Italian artist Paolo Pivi coming to Warhol Museum

Feb 01, 2022 500

An exhibit by the Italian multimedia artist Paola Pivi is coming to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh starting April 22. Pivi is known for her provocative eccentricity, and her work has been exhibited at museums and institutions in Tokyo, London, Paris and New York. Pivi’s output is marked by odd encounters and whimsical moments, whether it’s animals in strange habitats or an 18-wheeler truck positioned on its side.

The exhibit “Paola Pivi: I Want It All,” will be accompanied by a new commission with the Warhol. An installation will be made from 250 pairs of shoes, of which 125 pairs will remain pristine and unworn, while the other 125, identical matches to the first batch, will be heavily worn. When the exhibit opens, all the footwear will be secured to the wall like trophies.

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SOURCE: https://observer-reporter.com

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