F1, Australian GP: Ferrari one-two, Sainz wins then Leclerc

Mar 24, 2024 714

Incredible Ferrari-branded one-two in the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Australia. Carlos Sainz's Rossa won ahead of teammate Charles Leclerc. Third was the McLaren of Lando Norris. Two Ferraris in front had not been seen here since 2004: and they were Schumacher and Barrichello.

Two weeks ago he was on a hospital bed in Jeddah, undergoing emergency appendicitis surgery, being replaced by Oliver Bearman. He was not even sure he could be there in Australia. Instead, Carlos Sainz won. "I managed, but hard race, happy and proud of the whole team, also happy to have won in front of Charles. All this shows how incredible life is."

That Ferrari was competitive had been clear since the beginning of the season, though still behind Red Bull. There had been hints in Melbourne from the get-go that the redhead had a chance against a more struggling blue.

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