Farm Cultural Park in Favara

Dec 02, 2019 286

BY: Antonello Zitelli

A dream that became reality.  In Favara, province of Agrigento, there is an important outdoor museum of contemporary art. Unique in its kind, it is visited every year from more than 100,000 people coming from every part of Europe.

The “Farm cultural park” was born in 2010 and to give life to the project is notary Andrea Bartoli and his wife, the lawyer Florinda Saieva. After having bought some of the old houses, and with at amsphere of general skepticism, they started this ambitious project. The museum, a practical example of redevelopment and urban regeneration, has come to life inside the Bentivegna’s Courtyard, an area within which there are seven others small courtyards featuring buildings of Arabic origin.

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