Feds Finally Credit Italian Sculptor From New York as Mount Rushmore’s Chief Carver

Aug 08, 2016 1560

by Douglas J. Gladstone

For more than seven decades, the name of Luigi Del Bianco had gone unnoticed by historians chronicling the creation of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Not anymore. The United States Department of the Interior's National Park Service (NPS), which is the federal agency charged with supervising and administering the monument, had previously lumped Del Bianco, a largely obscure immigrant from Meduno, in the Italian Province of Pordenone, with the 398 other men and one woman who worked at the monument from 1927 through 1941. All received the same recognition, regardless of their titles or contributions.

So in the annals of history, the stenographer for Rushmore sculptor and designer Gutzon Borglum received the same credit as did Del Bianco, who routinely sat in a bosun's chair swinging 600 feet above the ground while giving the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln their "refinement of expression."

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