The Ferrari of bus shelters: Miami Beach stops get makeover from Italian car gods

Sep 04, 2018 758


A bus shelter may not seem like it’s worthy of world-class Italian design. But Miami Beach is no ordinary city. In a bid to make a fitting impression, city officials have chosen Pininfarina, the firm best known for designing some of the most beautiful cars ever made, to create waiting areas worthy of the beach’s penchant for flair.

“Miami Beach leads the way in design and style,” Commissioner Ricky Arriola said in a release. “As a city, we strive to build beautiful, affordable and practical Public Works projects for our residents and visitors to both use and admire.” As it turns out, the Beach didn’t have to look far to find the right firm for the job. In July, Pininfarina celebrated its fifth anniversary in Miami, its U.S. headquarters. It’s another example of an internationally renowned firm establishing a Magic City beachhead to serve the Americas.

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