Ferrari Pledges To Never Make A True Self-Driving Car

Jun 19, 2022 317

BY: Angel Sergeev

Some things in life go hand in hand perfectly – like cheese and wine, for example. Others, however, were never meant to be used in the same sentence – like Ferrari and autonomous driving. This is probably a good lesson for artificial intelligence experts to learn before approaching the Maranello-based automaker with ideas on how to make a Ferrari drive on itself. A group of AI specialists recently learned this the hard way.

Ferrari hosted a couple of AI experts who wanted to convince the supercar manufacturer’s executives that Ferrari should embrace autonomous driving. The brand’s CEO Benedetto Vigna was not really interested and decided to give them a spin in a Ferrari car on the Fiorano race track, which the company owns and uses for development and testing purposes. And guess what – the discussion was over.

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