Festa di Carnevale per i bambini

Feb 09, 2020 383

Saturday, February 22nd. 2pm-4:30pm. Free. McGuire Woods Board Room, 300 E 7th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202. Bring your little Italian speakers to this family-friendly event! CCI-NC will be hosting a traditional Italian CARNEVALE for children and their families. It will give the kids the opportunity to dress up in their favorite funny outfits, dresses, and masks.

Highlights of the event include: A story introducing the group to the tradition, and showing typical Italian masks; Arts and crafts, as well as other games related to Carnevale (including coloring classic masks); Dancing and other musical activities; Snacks with typical sweets and cakes in line with the Carnevale tradition. Tons of fun for the entire family!

SOURCE: Casa della Cultura Italiana - North Carolina

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