Finding relatives in Italy and connecting the Italian and American sides of your family

Aug 22, 2016 946

by Anthony Fasano

In this episode, our own co-host Anthony Fasano breaks down his recent trip to Italy during which he visited the ancestral villages of seven of his eight great-grandparents. Anthony did what many Italian Americans hope to do at one point in their lives – connect with their relatives who never left the homeland. During this episode, he not only shares some stories of connecting with his family in Italy, but walks us through the steps he took to prepare for the trip and the actions he took in those small villages to find records and connections.

In the Italian American Story Segment, we interview Lou Del Bianco, a man who has spent years fighting to get his grandfather Luigi the recognition he deserves. Luigi Del Bianco, an Italian immigrant, was the chief carver of Mount Rushmore, but if it were up to the history books and Mount Rushmore's officials, this would remain an unknown fact; it's thanks to the work of Del Bianco's descendants that his story is becoming known.

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