First Person: After all these years, still full of Bologna!

Apr 27, 2022 204

BY: Joe Fusco Jr.

National Cold Cut Day was last month, on March 3. "Pre-cooked meats that are sliced and served hot or cold in a sandwich or on a tray. Purveyors of heart disease and diabetes." My Mom was the Queen of Cold Cuts.

Depending on the day and her mood, my lunchbox contained salami and provolone with mustard on a bulky, bologna and cheese with mayo on Wonder bread, or, my personal favorite, rare roast beef with tomato, oil, and oregano on a sub-roll. My best friend in grade school Tommy Powers would mix the boogers he collected on his bedroom wall with the liverwurst on wheat bread his Mom made him every day. We never switched sandwiches and I avoided sleeping over his house like lice.

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