Franco Harris, Steelers prepare to mark 50th anniversary of Immaculate Reception

Aug 06, 2022 787

This year will mark 50 years since Steelers fans witnessed the play that changed the franchise forever: The Immaculate Reception! With training camp underway for the Steelers, Pittsburgh's Action News 4 anchor Andrew Stockey caught up with the man who made the immaculate reception happen, Franco Harris. Half a century after making one of the most unforgettable plays in NFL history, Harris says he has no memory of it.

“I see pictures of people doing drawings of the ball in the air and I have no visual image of anything, like I remember nothing, which really kind of blows my mind,” Harris said. All Harris says he remembers is leaving the backfield and going in the direction of the throw. His next memory, he says, was running down the sidelines with the football for the game-winning touchdown against the Raiders.

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