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Genova (Italian for Genoa) is the capital of the Genoa province and Liguria in northwest Italy, a city rich with history and importance. Genova is known for being the chief seaport of Italy, and for competing with Marseilles, France, to be the leader among Mediterranean ports. The harbor facilities in Genova were terribly damaged during World War II and also by storms that occurred in 1954 and 1955, but have since been re-established and improved for modern usage.

A Brief History of Genova
Genova, a town of Ligures, experienced tremendous success while under Roman rule. The town became a free commune around the 10th century and was governed by consuls. During the 11th century, Genova (with assistance from Pisa) drove the Arabs out of Corsica and into Sardinia. Sardinia became the focus of a rivalry that resulted in an eventual war with Pisa. Genova won the decisive naval battle of Meloria in 1284.

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