Gianduia: a chocolate cream typical of Piedmont

Jul 11, 2018 340


Traditional Italian cuisine is characterized by products that are particularly linked to the history and culture of the city from which they come. One of the best known in Italy and abroad is Gianduia cream born in Piedmont. Italian Traditions will lead you to the discovery of this sweet made with hazelnuts and chocolate. Here we will also talk about the traditional mask of this region that was inspired by and took the name of this typical product. We will also explain which ingredients to use and how to proceed to prepare it.

Its origin
The beginning of the use of hazelnuts, in particular those coming from the Langhe, is due to the commercial block imposed by Great Britain in the early 1800s against the continent controlled by Napoleon. This resulted in an almost total absence of cocoa and the little that could be found had very high prices. The Piedmont confectioners decided to use the regional hazelnuts to mix with the cocoa in order to keep the quality of the product high. The launch on the market took place in 1865 during the Carnival celebrations. The success was immediate for the “gianduiotto” which was the first individually wrapped chocolate.

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