A Guide to Franciacorta, a Region Known For Brilliant Wines

Mar 20, 2021 544

Picture this: You’re driving in an Italian sports car from Milan on your way to dinner in a historic village about an hour east of the city. You pass through vineyards and catch sight of a 14th century castle, its stone walls highlighted in the late-day sun. Soon, you arrive at your destination for a meal of pasta, grilled meats (or veggies), and salads paired with wines from this breathtakingly beautiful region, Franciacorta.

This is the Italy of our dreams, with stunning landscapes, delicious food, and locally produced wines—in this case, the traditional method wines of Franciacorta DOGC. One of only three regions of the world with a unique term to identify the wine, territory, and production method, Franciacorta is Italy’s best-kept secret in more ways than one.

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SOURCE: https://www.lacucinaitaliana.com

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