Have you ever been to a sagra?

Dec 01, 2021 177

Sagre (the plural form of singular 'sagra') are local fairs where you can taste the typical specialties of the area. Most of the time you will eat very well because the inhabitants of the host town prepare your food. According to the last count, every year in Italy are celebrated about 42 thousand local festivals.

Some of them are sumptuous, crowded, and very popular (some have become famous worldwide); others are definitely smaller but no less amusing. They are held literally in every region throughout Italy. Fall is the perfect season to enjoy a beautiful sagra. There are countless scenic festivals dedicated to seasonal products such as truffles, mushrooms, hazelnuts, chestnuts, and wine. The season of grape harvest has always been a time of celebration.

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SOURCE: https://www.magnificofood.com/

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