Hidden Gems of Italy: the Church of San Zaccaria in Venice

Dec 14, 2021 428

While most visitors to Venice have likely not heard of the Church of San Zaccaria, this former monastic complex is considered one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the city.  Dating from the 15th century, it is located on Campo San Zaccaria, just off the waterfront to the southeast of St. Mark’s Square. The church is dedicated to St. Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist. 

The convent of San Zaccaria was once the most important women’s religious institute in Venice and was closely linked to the Doge and the nobility of the city. The first church on the site was built in the early 9th century to house the body of Zechariah. The current building is a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance style. 

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SOURCE: https://www.italymagazine.com/

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