Honoring our Visionary Founder

Oct 07, 2017 1206

BY: Gabriele Delmonaco

Nino, a shoeshine boy wandering in the streets of Rome, reacted with scorn when Monsignor Carroll-Abbing suggested that he knew of an institution where the youngster could learn a trade. Nino looked him up and down and said, “Who, me? Go into an institution? Marching all day in line? Not me! I can come and go as I please, and look … I’ve got a pocketful of lire!” He drew out a handful of dirty paper money, probably stolen from a drunk’s wallet. To his own astonishment, the Monsignor heard himself ask, “Would you come if I opened a center and we lived there together and you helped me run it?”

The hard-faced boy mumbled, “Yes, if it was you and I could help you.”

Monsignor Carroll-Abbing wasted no time. In August 1945, he received a piece of property near Civitavecchia and started the first of many Boys’ Towns. Since then, thanks to people like you, more than 32,000 children have received a chance in life in Italy, Ethiopia and India.

This month we remember and celebrate our visionary founder. In honor of the 72 years Monsignor's work has been alive, we are looking for sponsors for 72 children. Will you help carry on our founder's legacy? Become a sponsor of a child today and help us reach our goal of 72 lives transformed by the end of October! As always, grazie mille ...

SOURCE: A Chance In Life

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