How Emilia Fox morphs into ‘Signora Volpe’ in new series

May 04, 2022 180

BY: Michael Starr

Call her the Fox in the farmhouse. Veteran actress Emilia Fox stars in the new Acorn TV series “Signora Volpe” as a disillusioned British intelligence officer who finds herself solving crimes in the picturesque Italian countryside.

“When does it ever happen that you get sent on a great job with an amazing story with such a great character to the most beautiful place?” Fox, 47, told The Post. Fox took her real surname into the three-part series, premiering May 2 and shot on location. Her onscreen alter-ego, Sylvia Fox, is a disgruntled MI6 officer who’s now a high-level desk jockey but misses her thrill-packed espionage days, which took her around the world.

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