I Madonnari Italian chalk festival expecting thousands even with passing rain

May 25, 2019 451

BY: John Palminteri

Carefully crafting on their hands and knees, artists are making images appear on the asphalt in front of the historic Santa Barbara Mission for the annual I MadonnariStreet Painting Festival. Featured Artist Sharyn Chan sat in the centerpiece location leaning into her work and saying, "this is the first chalk festival in the nation.  It's  the mother festival of the United States."   

She has been at festivals worldwide. Her work this year is from an  original concept. "I love dance and I found three of the most angelic looking ballerinas and put wings on them therefore they are now angels and they are in front of the mission," said Chan. The event began 33 years ago.  It benefits the Children's Creative Project through Santa Barbara County schools.

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SOURCE: https://www.keyt.com

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