IAP 102: Power Hour: “Am I allowed to say… I only wanna date italians?!?” A Paesan’s guide to dating with Rachel Russo- “The Italian American matchmaker”

Aug 06, 2019 395

Amore is in the air on this week’s episode of the Italian American Podcast, as our panel of co-hosts are joined by a special guest to explore the ins-and-outs of Italian American courtship! Rachel Russo- Dating and Relationship Expert, Professional Matchmaker, Relationship Coach, and proud Italian American- is the author of The FabJob Guide to Become a Matchmaker and How to Get Over Your Ex: A Step by Step Guide to Mend a Broken Heart-Italian American Style.

She’s also known as the premier “Italian American Matchmaker”- expertly paring countless couples on the road to all-Italian love.  Rachel joins the crew as they share some personal relationship stories and their counsel and caution for the listeners doing laps in the Italian American dating pool.

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