If You Love Fabulous Italian Cars And Amazing Food, You Have To Visit Modena

Apr 15, 2019 593

BY: Catherine Sabino

In the part of Emilia Romagna defined by its “fast cars and slow food,” Modena showcases Italian design genius as it has played out in the area for more than 1000 years. Here you can ogle Romanesque architecture as well as automotive masterpieces from such iconic marques as Maserati and Ferrari. There's always a good reason to visit Modena; five are listed below, including the latest--the first-ever Motor Valley Fest comes to town in May. 

1. The impossibly gorgeous cars. Modena is in the heart of the Motor Valley, a nexus of race tracks, car-centric museums and top auto companies like Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini, that runs from Parma to the Rimini area. In Modena itself arrange for Maserati’s guided showroom visit and a separate factory tour (minimum of four required), available Monday through Friday. Or enroll in a “Master Maserati Driving Course,” where you can try out various models while improving safety and sports-driving skills.

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