Il Vino in Italia - Wine-Related Vocabulary You Need to Know

Aug 07, 2018 298

BY: Alesha Allen

Italy is currently the largest wine producer in the world and Italian wines are well known around the world. Il vino italiano (Italian wine) is made throughout the country, from Lombardia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Piemonte in the north, to Campania and Sicilia in the south. So you should definitely try some when in Italy! If you would like to order a glass of wine in un’enoteca (a wine bar), un locale(a bar), un ristorante or una trattoria (a restaurant), here is some useful vocabulary:

Un bicchiere / un calice - a glass

Una bottliglia - a bottle

Posso assaggiare... - can I try...

Vino bianco - white wine

Vino rosso - red wine

Vino rosato / rosè - rose wine

Vino dolce - sweet wine

Vino secco - dry wine

Vino da dessert - dessert wine, such as vin santo

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