Incontro Offers Upscale and Outsized Italian-American Dining in the Heart of Coral Springs

Feb 12, 2024 507

BY: Han Okcuoglu

Incontro Italian Cuisine and Steakhouse just celebrated its second anniversary, yet I had never had a chance to visit before. My wife and I stopped by for a pricey but lovely meal. I don’t think there’s a better location in all of Coral Springs. Incontro sits at the literal heart of Coral Springs, in The Walk, and the location is gorgeous.

It’s in front of the beautiful fountain roundabout, with outdoor seating that stretches along a pleasantly lit and upscale area, with a dark wood interior that is very classy. We got to pick the brain of the owner, Pedro Bitar, who has been a restaurateur for 16 years. He mentioned he recently hosted a 200-person wedding, including the ceremony. The restaurant’s interior is quite large, just like the size of the portions.

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