Innovating Into the Future at Italy’s Frescobaldi

May 15, 2019 86

BY: Abby Schultz

Lamberto Frescobaldi, the 30th-generation head of Italy’s storied Tuscan wine producer, approaches his role with respect for the traditions of his predecessors, but with an eye toward the future.  In the six years he’s served as president of Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi, a producer with an extensive range of largely Tuscan wines, Frescobaldi, 55, launched Leonia Pomino Brut, a sparkling wine produced in the traditional method (like Champagne), started an ever-expanding restaurant business featuring local grass-fed beef, and he added Chianti Classico to the portfolio with the purchase of Tenuta Perano. 

Frescobaldi had coveted Perano since the early 1990s when he first visited, but was “too young and the place was too expensive.” After renting the land for four years, the family bought it in September 2017, and is now releasing its first vintages from the estate.  But Frescobaldi’s favorite project since 2012 is a still white wine made from the coastal Italian grapes Vermintino and Ansonica by prisoners of Italy’s only island penitentiary, Gorgona.

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