The insane Game of the Century | Italy-West Germany

Jul 05, 2020 238

Sunday July 5 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Virtual Event-Zoom Presentation. CONFIRM RSVP. Join us for the 2020 Giornata Nazionale dello Sport! A special Caffè & Cultura by Iacopo Chiatello. Free Remembering 1970 FIFA World Cup. The insane Game of the Century Messico, 17 June 1970 – Italy-West Germany. On the occasion of the Italian National Sport Day 2020

Mexico City, 6/17/1970 – Azteca Stadium. 102,000 in attendance. Overtime drama starring…..Mazzola, Riva, Boninsegna, Rivera, Beckenbauer and… Fatal mistakes, dramas, heartbreaks, glory! Courage, sweat, tears!
An emotional walkthrough of “La partita del Secolo! Virtual Event Registration by July 3.

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