Isabella Ragonese: “On a Solitary Beach. Viaggio emozionale tra letteratura e teatro”- Settimana della Lingua Italiana

Oct 08, 2019 337

Award-winning actress and playwright Isabella Ragonese will bring us on an emotional journey in between literature and theater featuring some of the greatest Italian authors like - Andrea Camilleri, Elsa Morante, Goffredo Parise, Nicola Ammaniti, Pier Vittorio Tondelli, and others..

“On a Solitary Beach” evokes the Italian coasts, the sea, the transience of people’s lives and social changes. In Italy, the shore, the sea, the beach, are a condition and a place that characterizes the way of living, the society, the thoughts and the actions of its inhabitants. Literature had often placed by the sea, existential fragments inspired by the division in between the accessible and the inaccessible.

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