IT and US: La Cucina Italiana comes to the USA. The most famous Italian culinary magazine is landing to the U.S.

Oct 03, 2019 666

Ninety years after the foundation of its famous Italian culinary magazine, is going international. It wants to offer a taste of Italian flavor to all those who love Italian cuisine, culture and style, or who are dreaming of visiting the bel paese

With the launch of the American edition of its magazine, La Cucina Italiana is giving all American admirers of Italian cuisine a wide array of culinary itineraries, stories, trends, tutorials, videos, news and, of course, lots of recipes coming from the expert Italian chefs who work for La Cucina Italiana in its in-house Test Kitchen. They are constantly on the lookout for new ways to reconcile Italian gastronomic tradition with innovative cooking.

As well as its digital format, La Cucina Italiana International will be available quarterly in a prestigious print version. The first issue will be published on October 10th and will be distributed in all Eataly stores in the U.S. or via digital subscription.

The La Cucina Italiana School

And that’s not all. In order to help Americans discover the Italian soul that exists within the United States, La Cucina Italiana will not just be providing great editorial content. It will also be offering a series of workshops and practical courses for American food lovers and aspiring chefs. The aim is to nurture and encourage admiration for the Italian appreciation of life, conviviality and pleasure.

Follow La Cucina Italiana and spread the love for Italian food

To experience a taste of Italy in La Cucina Italiana’s words, pictures and videos, you can visit the website, subscribe to its official newsletter and download the app. You can also follow @LaCucinaItalianaInt on Instagram and spread the love for Italian food with the hashtag #LCIgoestotheUSA !



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