Italia: dove il cibo è un'arte

Apr 20, 2018 883

Museo Italo Americano - 2 Marina Blvd, Building C - San Francisco, CA - Sunday 04/22/2018, 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm. Stefania Belli of La Lingua La Vita, Italian Language and Cultural School in Todi (Umbria), which has been running since 1988, will present a lecture on “ITALIA: dove il cibo è un’arte!

Throughout the history of Italy, from ancient Rome to our days, the love of good food has been a recurrent theme depicted in a variety of Italian high art; it was narrated in literature, painted in figurative art, sung in opera and made visible to all through the world of cinema.

The “special guest” of the evening will be “The Gold of Umbria”, an extra virgin olive oil from Todi and Umbria, a region known as the “Green Heart of Italy.” You will learn about the ancient origins of this precious food, its myriad of uses as well as benefits on health. Last but not least, the lecture will conclude with a tasting of Umbrian delicious extra virgin olive oil!

Museo Members: $5 | non-members $ 10. Get tickets here. RSVP to (415) 673-2200 or to

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