Italian American Program: preserving the Italian American Experience

Nov 08, 2015 1029

by Dominic Candeloro

As you might have read in the Fra Noi, our project has achieved the $500,000 mark that triggered a match by the Loyola University Chicago. I am absolutely delighted that we have launched this permanent project that will preserve and promote the history and culture of Italians in the US. We are now in phase II of the project, defining its role in the LUC academic spectrum and implementing a search committee to select the full-time holder of the professorship. I'm hoping that this should be completed by next Fall.

Now that the professorship is established, our committee calls upon you to join the hundreds of Italian American clubs, foundations, and individuals (see our website who have so far donated to this game-changing initiative. Please join us in making the endowment grow. Now that we have reached the basic goal, our new goal is, over time, to see the Loyola professorship grow and expand to include a budget that will support community outreach, research incentives, conferences, publication projects, scholarships, and fellowships to broaden its impact on both the national and international scene.

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