Italian Charities’ New Scholarship: Vincent Cucchiara Memorial Scholarship

Jul 20, 2018 1147

Italian Charities of America is introducing The Vincent P. Cucchiara Memorial Scholarship. “Vincent P. Cucchiara was a board member and treasurer who left us too soon and unexpectedly. Vincent was such an integral part of Italian Charities of America and helped the organization in many ways, as well as anyone who needed a helping hand. He unselfishly worked hard, volunteered and went out of his way for this organization and everyone he knew. Vincent exceeded his duties as both a board member and treasurer.

“We hope to immortalize Vincent for all his dedication and no better way than to help a young student with their educational and career endeavors.” Vincent P. Cucchiara had an extraordinary and full life. He served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War, had many different careers, loved to work with his hands, had countless hobbies, loved traveling, served on the board of many organizations in his life, had two daughters, was always there for people and most of all made the most of every moment of life. 

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