Italian cinema makes its way back to the Academy Awards

Nov 22, 2014 614

by Marco Bruna

There was a time when the Italian film industry was an example of what movies should look like, a time when Cinecittà made the history of world cinema. Last year, the celebrations for Paolo Sorrentino's Academy Award-winning The Great Beauty reminded us of that golden age, and today we proudly praise the selection of Paolo Virzi's Human Capital as Italy's official entry for Best Foreign Language Film 2015.

As the director himself underlines, "It is difficult for Italian cinema to reach a large audience overseas, due to the language barrier that is overcome only by an educated and curious elite willing to watch subtitled movies. Also, the main topics have changed over time and contemporary films don't show the Italian stereotype anymore. Yet, recently the general public has shown greater interest towards Italian productions. This is a good sign."

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Fonte: L'italo-Americano


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