The Italian Diaspora Archive Resource Map Project

Feb 03, 2022 544

BY: Melissa Marinaro

The Italian Diaspora Archive Resource Map Working Group has worked over the last year and a half to evaluate the presence, accessibility, and visibility of archival resources in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia tri-state area.

Our goal has been to move in incremental steps toward the creation of an accessible, searchable digital resource to direct users to repositories within this area--containing rich and unique resources that reflect a rich and unique population-- to encourage investigation.

A resource such as this is a response to the gross oversight of this region in research of all kinds and aims to ensure that the tri-state area is no longer overlooked as a site of serious inquiry on the Italian diasporic experience.

This project, which enjoys the collaboration of large and small archives, historical centers, museums, and universities, aspires to eventually go beyond this tri-state region, leveraging the accomplishments of this first phase in order to expand to other rust-belt, industrial centers that haven’t been fully explored in the scholarship and whose resources are underutilized.

At this time, we invite you to complete the following survey, which will allow us to gain a more expansive understanding of the resources that exist within our tri-state region and the steps that must be taken in the future to make them more visible and accessible.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Melissa E. Marinaro at

SOURCE: Senator John Heinz History Center

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