Italian gardens: Villa Giusti Garden, Verona

Feb 16, 2019 654

The Giusti garden is located in Verona, just a few steps from the city center and close to the Roman theater. Commissioned by the Tuscan Giusti family, who moved to Verona in the 15th century, it is a splendid example of an Italian-style garden. In the second half of the 16th century, Count Agostino Giusti had the fields behind the palace, which at the time were used as a vegetable garden and orchard, rearranged. His project was to recreate a typical Tuscan Renaissance garden, following the philosophy, in vogue at the time, which is also the basis of the creation of the Boboli Gardens in Florence.

The particular morphology of the territory had a great influence on the design of the garden, accessed through the 16th century atrium of the palace. In particular, from here you enter a majestic avenue of cypresses (Cupressus sempervirens) that appears longer than it is (thanks to a clever game of perspectives). This long avenue is the central axis of the whole composition and divides the garden into two parts: on the left, the Italian garden, decorated with flower beds, mythological statues, Roman tombstones, Renaissance fountains; on the right, instead, the forest. The avenue culminates with the entrance of one of the five caves dug into the cliff, surmounted by a giant stone mask crowned by the balustrades of the lookout above. The greenhouses with their numerous potted citrus fruits are set against the 12th century stretch of municipal walls.

The garden also houses a labyrinth of forest hedges (Buxus sempervirens , one of the oldest in Europe, small in size but with a very complex design. This labyrinth was redesigned in 1786 by the Veronese architect Luigi Trezza, but it is already included in the original 16th century layout of the garden. From a tower in the shape of a bell tower winds a wide spiral staircase that leads to the terrace of the lookout and the upper garden, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city of Verona.

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