Italian good news: Artificial intelligence enters the Italian classrooms

Feb 17, 2024 667

Technological innovation affects everyone, and the education sector is witnessing a significant revolution. A prime example of this change is the introduction of an artificial intelligence (AI)-based virtual assistant in Italian universities. This new tool, developed by Multiversity in collaboration with OpenAI and Bain & Company, is set to radically transform the learning experience for more than 200 thousand students.

Multiversity, a leader in digital education in Italy and second in Europe, announced that its Ai Assistant will be available to students at Pegaso, Mercatorum and San Raffaele Roma digital universities starting next academic year. This advanced Generative AI technology, which provides continuous assistance to students, was developed with the goal of making learning more accessible and interactive.

Multiversity's AI Assistant is designed to respond exclusively with content prepared by faculty for courses. This means that students will receive relevant and accurate answers to their questions, based directly on the study materials provided. Fabio Vaccarono, CEO of Multiversity, highlights the importance of this service as a milestone in educational innovation, combining academic excellence with an interactivity unique in the Italian university landscape.

Students will benefit from real-time learning support that enriches the study experience and personalizes the educational path. The ability to request clarifications, insights and consult reference sources at any time is a significant advantage in learning topics and preparing for exams.

Not only students, but also professors will benefit from this tool. In fact, the chatbot will make it possible to increase interactivity in the classroom and improve teaching, making it more engaging and adaptable to students' individual needs. The accuracy of the chatbot's responses, exceeding 99 percent, has been verified in collaboration with faculty, ensuring a reliable teaching assistant, available 24/7.

Christophe De Vusser, Bain & Company's head of private equity in EMEA, stressed the importance of the evolution of AI and the importance of identifying concrete applications that can generate sustainable value across sectors. The collaboration with Multiversity represents a significant example of how AI can transform the digital experience of students and faculty.

This development in artificial intelligence in education is not unique. Around the world, universities and educational institutions are exploring the potential of AI to enhance the learning experience.

From the use of AI-based tutoring systems that offer personalized feedback, to the creation of virtual learning environments that simulate real-world scenarios, the technology is opening new frontiers in education. Multiversity's experimentation with its AI assistant could be just the beginning of a new era in education, where technology and innovation play a key role in shaping the future of learning.

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