Italian immigrants thrived on Shrewsbury Street, now it’s a dining destination

Dec 31, 2018 386

BY: Elaine Thompson

It was once called Pine Street and East Meadow Street, home for many Swedes, French Canadians and Irish immigrants trying to make a better life in the New World in the 1700s and 1800s. But the mile-long strip between Belmont Street and Mulberry Street, renamed Shrewsbury Street around 1860, is most known for being “Little Italy,” where Italian immigrant families and businesses thrived.

Like other ethnic groups before them, waves of Italians came through Ellis Island and settled in cities along the East Coast, including Boston. Many of them found their way to Worcester and settled along Shrewsbury Street and the surrounding area. Between 1891 and 1908, more than 2 million Italians came to America, according to “A Brief History of the Italian Americans of Worcester from 1860 to 1978.”

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