This Italian Island Has the Glamour of Capri Without the Crowds

Sep 10, 2019 517


For decades, Capri has been a prime destination for the international jet set. If you’re dreaming of a glamorous seaside escape, its larger counterpart Ischia, just across the bay of Naples, is coming into the international spotlight. Now is the perfect time to head to Ischia and discover the magic that Europeans on holiday have been keeping to themselves all this time.

Ischia is a volcanic island famous for its thermal hot springs, rugged mountainous terrain, and affordable food and wine. Its rugged coastline is dotted with small towns and sandy beaches, and it’s nearly five times larger than Capri, so despite its much larger population, it never feels crowded. Historically, Ischia has been a favorite of German, Italian, and British vacationers; most Americans have never even heard of it.

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