Italian Kitchenware Becomes More Accessible in the U.S.

Apr 29, 2021 434

BY: Stephanie Rizzolo

In Italian recipes, q.b. is shorthand for “quanto basta,” or as much as needed. When she wanted to start an Italian kitchenware e-commerce company, Sarah Ubertaccio took inspiration from the phrase, applying it to the idea that home cooks should update their kitchen whenever something needs to be replaced.

Ubertaccio launched q.b. Cucina, her e-commerce marketplace, in Asheville, NC, in 2020, making artisanal Italian kitchenware items from pasta shapers to ravioli stamps accessible to American shoppers. Here, in an interview that has been edited and condensed, she discusses her background and inspiration and explains her new company's role in fulfilling a need in the culinary space.  

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