An Italian November made of cinema and good food

Nov 07, 2017 786


We’ve just left behind this year’s celebrations - and controversies - of the Italian Heritage Month and only started thinking about our Thanksgiving menu, when Italy takes flamboyantly center stage again. November happens to be the chosen month to bring to the fore two incredibly important realities of Italian culture and creativity, food and cinema, thanks to Cinema Italian Style 2017 and the Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo. 

Italian cuisine barely needs an introduction. With its fantasy and sense of place, it remains one of the things people of Italy all around the world are most proud of: delicious and wholesome, but also decadent and rich, its variety has made it the symbol of all that’s possible in the kitchen. Italians of all eras found in cooking not only a way to fill their stomachs, but also - and possibly even more importantly - an incredibly versatile manner to express themselves and their bond to the motherland.

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