Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi visits Chicago

Mar 31, 2016 770

By Michelle Gallardo

The Chicago area hosted a special guest Wednesday as Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi toured parts of the city and the suburbs. His first official visit to Chicago, it was the first stop in a four-day tour of the United States focused on trade issues between the U.S. and Italy. First, he took part in a ribbon cutting at Chicago's new Italian Bilingual School in Wicker Park. Renzi received a quick tour of the facilities and made an attempt at shooting a basketball in the school's gym.

"I consider Chicago a great city," Renzi said. Renzi's next stop was at Batavia's Fermilab. Fermilab is considered the most important physics research center in the United States and a place where Italian scientists work alongside American ones. "We're trying to position ourselves to host international facility on neutrino physics here, where we send a beam from here to South Dakota, and the Italians are playing a major, major role in that," said Nigel Lockyer, Fermilab Director.

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