This Italian region will pay you €700 a month to set up a business there

Sep 19, 2019 343

The region of Molise, one of Italy's smallest, plans to introduce a grant for people who open businesses in its least populated towns and villages. Dubbed the reddito di residenza attiva or 'active residency allowance', the stipend could be worth around €700 a month for up to three years, the equivalent of €24,000 in total.

There are just two conditions: applicants must agree to run a business – any business – for at least ve years, and they have to do it somewhere with under 2,000 inhabitants. That leaves plenty of choice. Of 136 comune in Molise, Italy's second smallest region by both population and size, more than 100 have fewer than 2,000 people living in them and six have fewer than 200, accordingto national statistic oce Istat.

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