Italian stallions: Alfa Romeo rally draws a loyal crowd to Rowley

Jul 14, 2015 792

They arrived Saturday morning, their elegant bodies, chiseled lines and graceful curves harkening back to days gone by as they cruised down local roads on their way to Glynn Motor Sports in Rowley. They are vintage Alfa Romeos, with legendary names like Giulietta, Milano, Spider Veloce, Giulia, and the round-tailed Duetto that made Dustin Hoffman famous in 1967's hit, "The Graduate."

Their owners, known as Alfisti, gathered at Glynn's, where Alfa Romeos are treasured, treated and even resurrected by Paul Glynn and Michael Wrigley, together with 70 years of experience working on these vehicles. Saturday's gathering was a "tech session," organized for its members by the brand's regional club, Alfa Owners of New England, drawing owners from every state in the region.

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