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Jan 25, 2016 437

Do you want to meet the best Italian artisans inside their labs? Would you like to be the artisan's apprentice for a day, discovering the secrets of made in Italy? Italian Stories gives you the chance to find interesting stories and easily book authentic experiences inside the best artisans' lab. It is also possible to ask for customized activities and tours that you can plan directly with the artisan.

On the other side, if you are an artisan willing to open the door of your lab to all those that might be interested in and if you are truly in love with your own job, Italian Stories is the perfect partner thanks to which you can easily reach a wide online audience of craftlovers all over the world!

The website is the place in which, travelers who are looking for authentic and customized
experiences, meet the Italian artisans.

The user experience on the website is very smooth and intuitive also for newcomers. The traveler, or
who else wants to discover more about the manufacturing process, can book the experience starting
from the destination he's going to visit or from the material he wants to learn more about, and then
get directly in touch with the artisans that is proposing that kind of experience.

On the other side, artisans, designers and makers can create the activities' proposals by themselves,
choosing among a visit, an hands-on workshop or a special.

Moreover, users can review and share the experience they had and also suggest new artisans.

It is because the artisan is the first ambassador of the identity of the place in which he lives and

Because the promotion of high end craftsmanship through storytelling and first-hand experiences
fosters new forms of conscious tourism that are able to support the local productive system.
Because you don't go visit a land, you live it.

Nobody knows a place better than a person that works and lives in that specific area. Moreover, this
person is able to let you discover, through the lens of made in Italy, all the secrets concerning the
history, the culture and the production of this area, so that you can get deeply involved in the culture
of the land you are visiting. For all these reasons we have designed a web platform in which every
artisan has his own personal profile page through which he can offer activities inside his lab or in the

The website has been launched in January 2015 and we have recorded more that 250.000 page views
by now, several articles on Italian and foreign newspapers and televisions, 80 excellent artisans on
the website, more than 200 available experiences and a growing trend for what concerns the sale of
those experiences, recording requests from Italian as well as foreign users.

Italian Stories is for anybody that is looking for a sustainable and unique experience in the name of
slow travel.

It is for those who want to discover the secrets behind the Italian craftsmanship through emotional,
relational and formative activities.

It is for the artisan that wants to tell about his identity and that strives for playing an active role
within the local tourist industry.

It is for the institutions that really cares about the promotion and development of the local
productive system.

Italian Stories is able to discover several artisans and manage the relationship with them thanks to a
network of local Storyfinders, through which is easy to understand the needs of the master
craftsmen and support their activities improving the offer day by day.

Every artisan is free to propose the type of experience that best fits his job, the one that better tells
about the workshop and his relational attitude. We as Italian Stories staff, have the duty to suggest
some opportunities to the artisan or even help him in creating what we think is the best solution for
him. To sum up, these are the categories of experience a user can have:

To visit together with the artisan the spaces where he works, to be told his story directly from him, to
see through your eyes how the creations that belong to the heritage of the Italian manufacturing are
made, it is a unique experience that should not be missed. And most of all, it is open to everybody!

Hands-on workshop
If you want to test your creative skills you can take part to the activities proposed by the hands-on
workshops and learn about the traditional expertise taught by the local talented craftsmen, so that
you can enrich your vacation testing the secrets of manufacturing culture.

The local artisan is the key to understand the territory since he is the keeper and the main interpreter
of the secrets linked to traditions and culture of a certain area. To be led by him exploring the
territory it is a nonpareil occasion for going deeper into the real made in Italy.

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