This Italian Supermarket Tells a Touching Family Story with a Peach

Sep 27, 2023 314

Esselunga, a leading retail store chain in Italy, has just launched a new emotional film called 'The Peach' to communicate their new message, 'Your groceries are never just groceries.' Whether you go to the grocery store to buy food for your Sunday lunch, or the ingredients to make a cake, or fresh fruit, or simply some basil, there is a story behind every item you put in the cart.

"The campaign aims to highlight the importance of grocery shopping: it’s not just about purchasing food, it has a much broader symbolic value," explains Roberto Selva, chief marketing and customer officer of Esselunga. "For every product we put in the cart, there is a deeper meaning than we’re used to think. Esselunga is synonymous with quality and convenience and knows that your groceries are never just groceries: that's why we’re committed to always offer the best to our customers."

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