Italian wine & food, solid and growing sector. Also thanks to the many family businesses

Jun 29, 2022 174

The Italian wine & food sector is solid, also thanks to a strong recovery in 2021. Which looks to 2022-2023 that will still be growing, well beyond the average of the national economy. Even if it is a growth that, in absolute terms, likely will be undermined by galloping inflation. In a sector, that of wine and food production, where family-run companies continue to perform better than average.

And they continue to invest in sustainability, a real challenge for the future, and in that change of the paradigm that the founder of Slow Food, Carlin Petrini, has been preaching for years, “based not on consumption and profit as the only parameter, but on the economy of relationships, and on the awareness that the resources are not infinite” that young people who are building the entrepreneurship of the 21st century will be able to realize, but in which we are all invited to participate. 

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