Italians Lynched in Tallulah, La., Honored with Historical Marker at Gravesite

Apr 02, 2021 998

BY: Linda Fatta Ott

The State of Mississippi and City of Vicksburg honored five Italians who were lynched just across the Mississippi River in Tallulah, La., on July 20, 1899. Five Italian men who owned grocery stores in town, were seized by a mob of local residents and publicly hanged. The men honored are Giuseppe Di Fatta, Francesco Di Fatta, Pasquale Di Fatta, Giovanni Cerami and Rosario Fiduccia. Three of the men were brothers and all were related.

On Friday, March 19, 2021, a Mississippi State Historical Marker was dedicated at their burial site at the Cedar Hill Cemetery in Vicksburg, Miss. Antoinette Fatta Helton, Linda Fatta Ott, and Deborah Helton Flores—descendants of Giuseppe Di Fatta—sponsored the Historical Marker to ensure the men will never be forgotten.

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