Italians like zero-mile vacation. Six in 10 indulge in a trip in august: they play it safe with places close to home, road trips, nature and the outdoors

Aug 05, 2022 231

In summer 2022, Italians like zero-mileage vacations: they tend to return to places they have already visited. In fact - according to data collected by the Enit Studies Office - only four out of 10 respondents say they intend to visit a new place. Those who leave tend to choose nearby locations, within their own region (3 out of 10) or in neighboring ones.

With the exception of Sardinia, the other regions have the largest pool of tourist flows (and travel intentions) generated by residents of the same geographic macro-region. It is the car that is the most commonly used means of travel to vacation destinations (66 percent). Six out of ten Italians (58.9%), among those who said they are going on a trip this summer, will not give up their August stay.

Italy is confirmed as the main destination (84.2%). The sea wins over other destinations (72.4%) with a growth in interest in outdoor and nature tourism.

Choices that bring Sicily (11.5 percent), Apulia (10 percent), Emilia-Romagna (8.4 percent), Sardinia (7.2 percent), Campania (6.4 percent), Tuscany (5.3 percent) and Calabria (5.1 percent) to the top of the preference list.

"Italian travelers recognize their country's significant hospitality capacity, which also guides their preference. Also influencing their choice to stay in Italy are good weather (41.6 percent), places to spend quality time with loved ones (28.3 percent) and being in contact with nature (25.8 percent). The travel experience, which guides the demand, ranges from the possibility to enrich oneself culturally (14.4 percent), to care for the spirit and body (13.8 percent) and to spend moments of relaxation in the open air (12.2 percent)," comments Roberta Garibaldi, CEO of Enit.


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